Everything you need to know about us

MSL Trading Corporation Inc was incorporated in 2005-08-16.

As a specialist trading company we Supply and provide high-quality products, reliable information and support our clients by acting as an intermediary for transactions and providing planning and development services Where needed.

When our company was first established, our main purpose was to provide research, referrals, and specialized information for new products in Canada and beyond. Treating the sale of production technology as the highest form of sales, we have worked to bridge the gap between manufacturers and consumers.

MSL Trading Corporation Inc. has made a point of being a trading company with strong technological prowess centering on diverse products, but we do not intend to stop at being a company that only acts as an agent and intermediary. For this reason, we do not simply rely on the products and technologies that are based on the knowledge and technological strength we have fostered over many years as a trading organization. Rather, all of our employees think constantly about what they can give in order to provide our clients with usefulness and satisfaction, and act on that basis.

Today, the MSL Trading Corporation Inc counts manufacturers and processing companies among its affiliates. We are reinforcing our organization so as to be able to respond to every one of our clients’ concerns, no matter how small, starting by providing products with features that bring benefits to the world at large. Furthermore, in order to be able to meet not only the needs of our domestic clients, but also the diverse demands associated with doing business abroad, in recent years we have broadened our network of bases, such as by establishing local subsidiaries in several places around the world. We aim to be a self-contained planning and development company that can provide well-rounded service.


As a Trading Company, our Activities include but are not limited to Identification of suppliers in different countries with capacity to supply large volumes of generic products at competitive prices.

Negotiating the terms of sale and delivery of products.
Financing and assurance of payment to the supplier-exporter.
Managing logistics and transport.
Managing customs and barriers of international trade.
Distribution and sale of the products through its retail network.


Client Satisfaction